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Our company, Atmen Products, is a safety technology company specializing in the design and manufacturing of consumer safety devices aimed at eliminating driving under the influence.

What we do

Our first Atmen Products device is a portable BAC monitoring device. Our product aims to take a preventative measure to drunk driving. Think of your Atmen Products device as your friend, looking out for you when you are unable to look out for yourself.

Atmen Products
driving interlock

Face recognition software

Fail Proof
Limited liability

Driving Pattern Tracking Software

Data for Insurance Companies
Cost-Saving Strategy for Consumers

Safety Technology Platform

Consumer lifestyle insights
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Compatible with all carmanufacturers
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Car Manufacturers
Insurance Companies
Drunk Driving Organizations
Rideshare Companies

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"I couldn't have asked for more than this. It's the perfect solution for our business. Atmen Products was the best investment I ever made. It fits our needs perfectly. I can't say enough about this company and its team."
Nikki M.
Marketing Manager

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